11 1 / 2012

"On the occasion of Zyuganov’s 65th birthday in June 2009, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin presented him with a copy of the first Soviet edition of the Communist Manifesto, making Zyuganov very emotional. On the occasion of Soviet leader Joseph Stalin’s birthday on 21 December 2010, Zyuganov called for the “re-Stalinisation” of Russian society in an open letter to President Medvedev. … Zyuganov denounced election regularities [sic] in the Russian legislative election of 2011 but also expressed his opposition to the organizers of the mass demonstrations of December, 2011 who he views as ultra liberals who are exploiting unrest. The [Communist] party played only a minor role in the protests, with one of its speakers, who called for restoration of Soviet power, being booed off the stage."

Wikipedia on Gennady Zyuganov, Putin’s main opposition in upcoming presidential elections. Oh, Russia.
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